I deepened my understanding of specific coaching skills | Mentor Coaching

To meet the requirement of 10 hours of mentor coaching for the ICF ACC application, I decided to ask Masae to coach me: She was proficient in the latest information on most important matters, such as Code of Ethics and Core Competency, because she translated English documents issued by ICF HQ. She is also actively involved in a liaison with HQ as the director of ICF Japan.

Through actual coaching sessions with her, I deepened my understanding of specific coaching skills, such as the value of silence during sessions, feedback and suggestions from a coach, as well as broad concepts such as the core or definition of coaching, along with Core Competency.

Each mentor coaching session with Masae inspired my curiosity because the content was much deeper than what I learned at my coaching school. I like coaching even more, and I hope to grow more as a coach.

My 10th session with her gave me an opportunity to think deeply about my coaching niche or future business, which helped me clarify my ideals or goals as a coach. By sharing my thoughts based on questions from Masae, my vague ideas became clear.

I really appreciate Masae for letting me experience the power of coaching. Thank you very much.

Ruriko Fujino, Professional coach