Executive Leadership Coaching


Over the past three decades, executives from leading organizations worldwide have received executive coaching, and now it is widely recognized as a corporate investment and as a tool to stay ahead of the game.

According to several studies, the return of investment (ROI) of executive coaching far exceeds 100%. For example, the global survey of coaching clients by PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) and the Association Resource Center showed ROI was seven times the initial investment, with over 25% of them reporting 10 to 49 times. To efficiently lead strategy and improve organizational performance, the leaders need to be resourceful.

Today, being equipped with professional knowledge and strategies is not enough for leaders. They need to be more resourceful as leaders to efficiently lead their organizations.

Coaching helps leaders develop new insights, ideas and actions while utilizing their strengths to guide their teams and build organizations that achieve strategic goals.

At Coaching International, we help maximize potentials of leaders, from global corporation executives to solo entrepreneurs, as an individual person while also achieving the vision of their organizations. We believe the leaders themselves have happy and satisfying thoughts and feelings, which improves relationships within the entire organization and leverages the growth of the organization.

Executive coaching

Organizational change starts in a leader’s mind. Coaching International will help you transform and create greater synergy within your team. 

Leadership will experience a paradigm shift in both “being” (change in mind-set) and “doing” (change in actions)

Enhance your leadership effectiveness and capabilities. Increase your self-awareness. Identify and achieve your personal / professional goals.

5 attributes to becoming a strong leader.

  • Clear vision
  • Passion
  • Decision-making
  • Team-building
  • Humanity

Since she knows both Asian and Western cultures, I really can sense that she understands my struggles, and she leads me to tackle with specific challenges in a very proper manner. me a lot. Her words make me aware of my unrealized strengths and her follow-ups through email help me a lot to improve my thoughts and knowledge.

Global leadership coaching​


Global leadership is a skill not only required for those who work overseas or have international professions. Even for those who work domestically, it is essential for anyone to have skill to build rapport with those who have different cultural backgrounds from yours, or if you work in the context of global trends.

At Coaching International, we offer coaching sessions specially designed for global leaders. A coach with an international corporate leadership experience helps you gain trust from people of different cultural backgrounds, create effective methods that work in cross-cultural contexts and become an innovative global leader.

Cross-cultural management coaching

This coaching is for people working in cross-cultural settings. Japanese working abroad, foreigners working in Japan, or people working online with people from around the world. We support those who are experiencing challenges unique to cross-cultural environments.


*Our coaches maintain strict confidentiality. Your safety and comfort are most important.

Coaching can be provided both in English and Japanese.