I began to see aspects of my leadership style that were previously obscured | Executive Coacahing

I am currently leading a global organizational reform project, and one of the challenges I faced was bringing together input from my colleagues in Europe and North America to formulate the best proposals. It was in this context that I received coaching from Masae.

Masae’s coaching approach involved discussing the daily challenges I encountered in driving the project forward. By changing perspectives and considering the viewpoints of others, she assisted me in uncovering the core issues and finding solutions. Her coaching wasn’t about providing advice; instead, she guided me to find the answers myself, making the process akin to a supportive conversation.

One specific example of a solution I discovered was how to engage my overseas colleagues and make them personally invested in the project. I realized that by communicating the value of their involvement in the project and the impact it could have on their career growth, they would view it as a valuable experience worthy of being highlighted on their resumes. This insight was something I hadn’t considered on my own, and it continues to be a crucial aspect of our collaboration within the global team.

Initially, I wasn’t sure how coaching could enhance my performance, but as I discussed my challenges with Masae, I began to see aspects of my leadership style that were previously obscured.

Moving forward, I intend to leverage the insights from coaching with Masae to refine my leadership style further. I am grateful for the valuable coaching over the past six months. Thank you very much.

General Manager of Business Strategy, Product Business Division, Major Precision Machinery Manufacturer