Araki-san did wonders for me in bridging the gap between cultures | Executive Coaching

Araki-san did wonders for me in bridging the gap between cultures and elevating myself as a compassionate leader.  I am an American leading the Japan subsidiary of a foreign-affiliated firm in a secluded rural area nestled in the mountains of central Japan.  I was brought in 3 years ago to bring about change to the liking of headquarters.  Unfortunately, the employees deemed my leadership to be harsh and forceful.  My 360 Assessment was disastrous from both my peers and subordinates.

My company found this to be quite disturbing and hired Araki-san as an executive coach for myself.   Araki-san , who has experience in coaching executives from both American and Japan companies, immediately related to my predicament.  Her coaching, never forceful, helped me in listening and understanding the local people.  I was also able to provide security and authority by looking at the larger vision.  And at the same time, communicate the hidden underlying wealth of knowledge and local way of doing things to headquarters.  Which in turn proliferated to other regions around the world.  This helped empower the Japan subsidiary and motivate and open doors to new opportunities.

The executive coaching sessions were filled with anecdotes that were spot-on in my difficulties being faced at the time.  We had coaching sessions bi-weekly with half on-line and half on-site, despite COVID.  I looked forward to my sessions to share my experiences and receive guidance in a personal way.  Through Araki-san’s coaching sessions, my leadership style changed and my employees are much more engaged and happy.  And I am happy that the company’s performance has improved immensely.


General Manager, Semiconductor Equipment Manufacture