What our coach can do for you

No matter how successful or positive you are, we all experience moments of doubt, feeling unclear on what we truly want, or a lack of self-discipline at times. We can be our worst critics, with beliefs and limits that might hold us back. When you hire a coach, they can help you put things in perspective and help you take ownership of your life. One of the advantages that Coaching International can offer is executive coaching with an international mindset.

Executive Coaching

Organizational change starts in the leader’s mind. Coaching International help you transform and build your team.


Executive Coaching

Enhance your leadership effectiveness and capabilities. Increase your self-awareness, identify and achieve your personal / professional goals.


Global Leadership

Ability to build rapport with those who have different cultural backgrounds from yours is an essential leadership skill in today's global economy. .


Cross-cultural adaptation/ management coaching

Cross-Cultural Adaptation/ Management Coaching is a coaching process aimed at helping individuals adapt, manage and thrive in a foreign or cross-cultural environment, allowing them to leverage their abilities effectively.

Personal Coaching

As your “thinking partner,” we help you be aware and move forward. By using active listening skills, we help you visualize your goals and calibrate your actions to achieve your maximum potential.


Transformational coaching

For anyone who wants to break through and achieve goals.

Mentor coaching

For aspiring or professional coaches.

英語 de コーチング

"Eigo" de Coaching

Unique English/Japanese bilingual coaching sessions. (External link)

Masae Araki, Coaching International, executive coach

Masae Araki / executive coach

Masae Araki is an executive coach who has had successful outcomes with executives and managers from global organizations because of her ability to relate to and apply concepts from her international business experience, both in Japan and the United States. She has worked to revitalize and transform organizations by supporting leadership, helping them to develop subordinates, and achieving self-realization and behavioral change, with a focus on corporate executives and next-generation leaders.


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