A Wonderful Opportunity to Enhance My “Human Skills” | Executive Coacahing

As a business leader, I strongly desired to further strengthen my own leadership but found myself struggling with how to achieve it. Fortunately, I had the chance to meet professional coach Masae, and I embarked on a 12-month coaching journey.

Now, having completed coaching, I can clearly see changes in my thinking, actions, and behaviors in various situations. Moreover, I feel genuinely delighted to realize that there is still room for growth within myself.

Looking back, before undergoing coaching, I had a tendency to impose my opinions on others and was not acknowledging their perspectives. Instead of encouraging them, I unintentionally demotivated them by focusing solely on teaching.

Through Masae’s coaching, I gained a deep understanding of my behavioral traits, strengths, and weaknesses. I became aware of effective coaching techniques that would enhance my leadership style.

Putting these learnings into practice daily, sharing both successful and unsuccessful experiences, I have seen positive impacts not only on my relationships with colleagues but also on my family.

Masae’s coaching has been more than just about strengthening leadership skills; it has been a wonderful opportunity to enhance my “human skills” as well.

Management Executive, a Foreign-Owned Corporation