Masae’s coaching was a rare life-changing opportunity | Executive Coaching

I changed my career 3 years ago to challenge myself see how far I could go in finding my ‘true self’. I had been struggling with this idea of my ‘true self’ before making the decision to leave my past achievements and skills behind. Then I had a coaching session with Masae, which I believe was a miraculous encounter.

Masae helped me realize I tend to have negative beliefs that are often false. Masae taught me to evaluate myself objectively, so as to verify whether or not my beliefs are correct.

Masae’s coaching was a rare life-changing opportunity, and I am grateful for the valuable tips she gave me through her coaching. I know I will demonstrate strong leadership, utilizing logical thinking that I already have by checking facts, removing my mental blocks and being confident in my own decision-making thanks to her coaching.

It might take a while to change the thought habits formed over 45 years of my life, but I decided to apply various tips that Masae gave me to change myself. Thank you so much.


Senior Manager, Automotive Technology Supply Company